This transmitter was provided free of charge from Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.  Project Livesaver uses this device to transmit a signal in the event that Colin is lost.  Daily checks are done at the home to ensure that the device is functioning properly.

The storm shelter is FEMA rated.  As part of the Severe Weather Plan of Colin’s Castle, Inc., drills are performed quarterly.  Adequate supplies are maintained for use in case of an emergency.  GPS coordinates are kept inside the shelter, and maintained on file with the company that installed the unit, and at Shelby County EMA.

The NOAA Emergency Weather Radio is also part of the Severe Weather Plan.  It is left in the “Alert” mode to warn of impending severe weather, when action will be taken to keep Colin and his aides safe.

There are 2 sets of emergency lights in the home.  They are tested for 90 seconds every month as part of the Monthly Life Safety Checks.

This is the “Dinger” which announces which exit has opened.  It warns if Colin leaves the home.

Three fire extinguishers are maintained in the home.  They are checked monthly as part of the Monthly Life Safety checks.

All cabinets that contain chemicals, cleaning fluids, etc., or that contain anything that might be regarded as toxic are locked.  All cabinet locks are keyed alike throughout the home.