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I thought that it was time for a major revamping of the website, so here it is. I am still tweaking it a little, but I hope that y’all like it. The website has been hosted for awhile on, and it continues to be. I am not too happy with the pageloading speed, though. I’ll see about moving the host if it continues.

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  1. Angela says:

    Hi! My name is Angela and I had the pleasure of chatting with Pat at the ball park today (5/7/16) and I would like to make some comments here, please. Colin seems to be adjusting quite well in his home “environment” – based on the pictures here. Too bad and very sad to say that, probably quite a few of individuals that have “challenges” similar to Colins’ don’t have the love, support and encouragement that he seems to be receiving. I too have a daughter that is “challenged” to a certain degree, however what she is able, capable and willing to accomplish very much make up the “differences” otherwise. You should be applauded for encouraging and being very much a source of inspiration in Colins life. Also, I truly believe that God himself put people in your life for many reasons we cannot clearly understand and somehow find it all too questionable. But I’m sure, in too many instances to recall, Colin has shown and communicated to you a great deal of things that have completely surprised you. I’m letting you know now, my daughter Grace has done things numerous times that have surprised me! Hang in there. Be bless.