Going “Live” in December

We will be required to keep extensive documentation once we become operational, hopefully next spring.  The requirements for this are quite onerous, but if it means that Colin’s Castle will be funded, we will gladly do it.  We will be required to observe and document, keep records, maintain training records, keep logs of fire drills, fire extinguisher  checks, and much more.  In December, we will begin keeping all logs, documenting everything as if we were operational.  That way we will work the bugs out before hand.  I have developed an “Intranet” which is served internally within the home.  On the intranet are links to all the required documents, manuals, logs, documentation, etc.  The intranet also contains all our training modules with links slideshows and tests.  All of the records will be kept in “the cloud” so that any computer failure will not be disastrous.  Below are some screenshots of the intranet.  Anytime anyone wants to come see, let us know.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Alex Owens says:

    This is fantastic work, Kelly did you set all of this up yourself?

  2. Yes I did. We have MACs at the house and as you probably know, MACs have built in APACHE server, so I just set up an Intranet within the house.

  3. Alex Owens says:

    That’s good, plus MACs are so much more, in my opinion, reliable than the good ‘ole pc.

  4. Only problem is, Colin uses a PC for his simple programs so I have to maintain one for him.