Paul’s work begins on Colin’s bed

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am struck by the overwhelming generosity of Paul Siciliano (Olde World Woodwork).  Paul has always had the highest respect for Colin’s dignity.  Some people just are not comfortable around people like Colin, but Paul always has been.  And Colin has “Radar” for those around him who are not accepting of his place in this world.  The first time I met Paul, he had just landed in a helicopter in my yard at the beach.  He came up onto my deck to ask me if I minded if he was dropped off in my yard.  I explained to him about Colin and how loud noises affect him and that he may be unpredictable around the helicopter.  He understood right away.  From that point on he always went out of his way to greet Colin, give him a high five.  He always asks how Colin is doing.

Pat and I have always appreciated the way that Paul has treated Colin , but have never told him.  Paul, thank you.

I am deeply touched and appreciate this labor of love that Paul is putting into building Colin a bed for Colin’s Castle.

See Photos of progress HERE