Still forging ahead


Colin is not feeling much better.  He had some lab work done last week that showed his amylase slightly elevated.  What does that mean?  Does that mean nothing, or does it mean that his amylase was higher and coming down?  Or does it mean that it was on its way up?  He seems to have a little more energy but is still obviously uncomfortable, and is still not eating much.  He had lost 4 pounds as of last week.  At this point we really don’t know what is going on, but we know that something is not right.

As far as the funding battle goes, we are not giving up.  We are considering bringing suit against the Department of Mental Health, but we are still thinking whether that will be worth our while.  The basis of our suit would be that we contend that the DMH can not discriminate against Colin’s Castle, Inc., since there is one other Microboard in the state that is receiving funding.

Right now we are limping along with what money we do get, heavily subsidized by me of course.  We do have a pretty good day program going for Colin though, as our Aides Keith and Perry spend a lot of time with him.  Keith especially spends time doing chores, having Colin work on sight reading, counting money, and personal hygiene.

Keep the faith!

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  1. Paul Siciliano says:

    Always hoping for a better tomorrow for my friend….ALWAYS