Meeting at DMH Region V Office Today, Colin not feeling well – prayers please


About a month ago I wrote that we had heard from the DMH Commissioner regarding funding our Microboard. The news was not good, and her letter to me was quite confusing and incoherent at times. In that letter she suggested that we meet with the people at the Regional office of the DMH here in Birmingham. Today, we did meet with her people who were quite uncomfortable meeting with us. They had received no direction or guidance from DMH nor the Commissioner herself, and didn’t really know what to tell us. They were very sympathetic to our cause and were obviously uncomfortable meeting with us, almost as if they thought that the Commissioner had gaffed us off onto them.

Also, we are fearing that Colin is again afflicted with pancreatitis. He is not eating and is not acting himself. It is very difficult to extract any information from him about how he feels, or what hurts. Tomorrow he has a Dr’s appt. and we will ask to have his amylase checked. We would appreciate prayers for Colin.

Keep the faith.

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    Poor Colin. Feel better buddy. Prayers and hugs from Va Beach.