Finally Heard from Commissioner Baugh

Only after pressure from letters and emails from myself and others, I have finally received a response from Zelia Baugh, DMH Commissioner regarding funding for Colin’s Castle.  The letter (e-mail) was a bit incoherent at times and confusing, but the bottom line is: “we will not be granting any micro boards in the foreseeable future”.  The only problem is, they cannot discriminate.  And since there is already a microboard in the state that is funded, they can’t really say that.  The precedent has been set, and until that Microboard is defunded, they can’t say that (and get away with it) in my opinion.  They could have said that there is no funding available now, and our microboard would be number 2 on the list when funding became available, but she did not say that.  I think that I have legal grounds (and have been told as much) to move forward pressing the issue, but that of course would cost $$ and antagonize the DMH, so I’m going to reserve that option for later if need be.

For now, I am not going to let up.  I am going to press for self-direction of services and press for an increase in services.  We can make it for a number of years if services were increased and we were allowed to self-direct.

I am going to ask for another round of letters in support soon, so look out for the request!