Asking for letters.

ImageAt our board meeting in January, I asked the Board Members to write letters to various people in the State for them to acknowledge the existence of Colin’s Castle, Inc. as a legitimate Alabama Non-Profit Microboard.  The short-sightedness of those in the Department of Mental Health is astounding. It just really infuriates me when the long-term advantage of such an arrangement is not considered.  There is obviously a long-term benefit to Colin, but also to the State. They are so busy worrying about budget cuts and cutting benefits that they fail to consider that an arrangement such as this can be MORE efficient in the long run, and is so much better for the health and well-being of the client (Colin!).  We are going to keep up the fight, but if anyone feels so inclined, I would appreciate it if you wrote a short note to various individuals.

The link to the addresses and a sample short letter is HERE


Thank you so much!