DMH trying to ignore me

About a month ago I wrote another letter to the Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Mental Health, and another letter to Gov. Bentley.  Thus far I have not received a reply from either.  I guess that they are hoping that we will go away.  We won’t.  Eventually they are going to have to deal with the issue, and the fact that one other Microboard in the state is funded.  I believe that if one other is funded, then so should Colin’s Castle.

After the first of the year once the holiday hustle and bustle has died down I will ask the directors of CCI to all write letters imploring the above to take action, grant us certification to operate and fund us.

In the meantime all goes well at Colin’s Castle, Inc.  The house is perfect, and Colin spends a lot of time there.  The documentation process is going well.  We are keeping records as if we were operating with a DMH contract.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!