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Happy New Year!

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Last night I talked to an amazing young woman at the People First of Shelby County New Year’s Eve party.  I won’t mention her name here, but she is a young woman who advocates for her severely disabled older brother.  I was impressed with her love and devotion for her brother when most young people her age think of no-one but themselves.  I am sure that she makes many sacrifices in her personal life in order to advocate for her brother.  At her young age she knew all about the ins and out of dealing with the bureaucracy and the many frustrations experienced in doing so.  She told me that she would love to establish a Microboard for her brother.  I know that if she sets her mind to it, she will do it and if I can, I will help her.  I also want this dynamic young woman on our side as we continue to fight for funding of Colin’s Castle.

As we begin a new year, I am inspired by this young woman and it gives me hope that there are more people like her advocating for people who cannot advocate for themselves.

Happy New Year!

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