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Now the waiting game..

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I’ve done just about everything I can do to establish the Microboard, but I am still exploring options with the contacts that I have developed and continue to develop.  A Microboard can be established to utilize Natural Supports (in other words, no funding help from the State) and it can be established to act as a community provider (much like group homes) which can then be certified and funded by public funds.  That is our eventual goal.  For now, we are operating with Natural Supports.  In a way it is better because we can transition Colin over time.  Keith (Colin’s aide and eventual full-time home manager) spends a lot of time with Colin at the castle when he has him during the day, and when I have him we spend time there too.  We plan to have an open house as soon as we secure funding, but for now, anyone is welcome to come see Colin’s Castle, just let me know that you want to drop by and I’ll arrange to either have Keith there or be there myself.

Happy Halloween!

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Spending time with Colin

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During my off time I often take Colin to Colin’s Castle to transition him. Soon we will spend the night. We are hoping to be operational next spring, of course all that depends on the funding.

Today I wrote a follow up letter to Commissioner Baugh, and wrote another letter to Gov. Bentley.

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Meet and Greet with Commissioner Baugh

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

There was a “Meet and Greet” put on by Birmingham UCP  last evening.  There were a couple of the local legislators (Jabo Wagner and Paul DeMarco) and the Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Mental Health were in attendance.  About 45 minutes of the program was reserved for people to speak.  I was the second speaker.  I explained what a Microboard is and the fact that the DMH has not embraced the concept.  After the meeting was over I introduced myself to Commissioner Baugh.  She listened and seemed like she really had an open mind about Microboards.  In her remarks earlier in the evening she mentioned that some people think outside of the box and that she didn’t even have a box.  I was encouraged after speaking to her, and even though she was noncommittal, I got the feeling that I had made some headway.  Lots of people came up to me to ask me questions about Microboards.  I feel like if I can get this off the ground I can help others.  We’ll see.

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Inaugural Board Meeting

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last night we had the Inaugural meeting of the Board of Colin’s Castle, Inc.  Pat and I are deeply indebted to these fine people who have volunteered their time and given up of themselves to help us with this venture.

We had an efficient meeting, electing officers, approving documents and policies, and generally just chatting about the Microboard.

Pat made a great Lasagna and others brought goodies and we had a great meal together.  Keith came as well as our daughter Kara, and of course Colin was there.

We are a legal Alabama Non-Profit entity with a board ready to fight with the Alabama Department of Mental Health to allow us to  make this happen.

Photos HERE

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Storm Shelter Installed Today

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Monday, October 10, 2011

The storm shelter was installed today.  I am impressed, they did a great job.  Mike Smith and his worker showed up at 06:30 and immediately got to work, first measuring out on the floor, then cutting the concrete, then digging the hole.  After the hole was dug then dropped the shelter in, leveled it out, and brought in the concrete truck.  An hour later, they were done and gone by about 11:30.  Check out the pictures on facebook.  It is supposed to hold 8 to 12 but I would say that 6 – 8 would be comfortable.  I am very pleased and Colin was excited too.

See Photos HERE

Board meeting tomorrow nite.

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Paul’s work begins on Colin’s bed

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am struck by the overwhelming generosity of Paul Siciliano (Olde World Woodwork).  Paul has always had the highest respect for Colin’s dignity.  Some people just are not comfortable around people like Colin, but Paul always has been.  And Colin has “Radar” for those around him who are not accepting of his place in this world.  The first time I met Paul, he had just landed in a helicopter in my yard at the beach.  He came up onto my deck to ask me if I minded if he was dropped off in my yard.  I explained to him about Colin and how loud noises affect him and that he may be unpredictable around the helicopter.  He understood right away.  From that point on he always went out of his way to greet Colin, give him a high five.  He always asks how Colin is doing.

Pat and I have always appreciated the way that Paul has treated Colin , but have never told him.  Paul, thank you.

I am deeply touched and appreciate this labor of love that Paul is putting into building Colin a bed for Colin’s Castle.

See Photos of progress HERE

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